Why Choose ECC


We will be on time, accurate, fair, tidy, available, and professional from the beginning to the end of each and every project. We offer full-spectrum service, working with a team of architects, builders, businessmen, and you—our clients.


Our Philosophy

We take the extra steps in pre-planning and we pay meticulous attention to every detail. We use our many years of expert professional experience to offer you a fair and accurate estimate, with the intention of completing our projects as originally quoted. We operate out of total honesty, integrity, and transparency.

Value Engineering

We and the architect introduce the value-add suggestions to your blueprints that offer an experienced perspective on time required, materials, effort, and outcome. We work with preferred subcontractors that meet only the most stringent requirements.

Complete Transparency

We give you a complete breakdown of what the project costs from start to finish and for each segment of your house. We understand how scary surprises can be, and plan accordingly by keeping you apprised of all the details with your project. If a builder is not transparent, what might they be hiding? You will know exactly what we are doing at all times, and are always free to stop by the home and ask questions. We have nothing to hide!

We look forward to talking with you, shaking your hand, and providing excellent references…And then getting to work!

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