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From Theresa D’Allesandro: I hired East Coast Contractors to do a complete renovation of my master bathroom. They did a fabulous job!! It looked like something out of a magazine. I was so happy and satisfied with the job ECC did on the bathroom, that I engaged them to do a complete renovation of my kitchen. Once again, not only were my expectations met; they were exceeded. On both projects, Mr. Ablin was involved on a daily basis. No detail was left out.  Nothing was ignored. He always made himself available to answer any questions or address any concerns I might have had. He was always willing to go the extra mile. Being new to the Tucson area, he took time out of his Saturday to bring me to Benjamin Supply and helped me pick out my gorgeous vessel sinks. His clients are very important to him and it shows. I implemented so many of his ideas and am so happy with the results. He suggested a custom wine rack. It looks beautiful. Again, like something out of a magazine.

I was completely impressed and amazed how neat and organized the renovation areas were kept at all times throughout the renovations. Everyone associated with ECC was courteous and professional. All workers were prompt and beyond capable.

The work was done within the budget guidelines I had set and, although these were both major renovation projects, the work was done well within a reasonable time frame.

I am completely happy with Mike Ablin and East Coast Contractors.  Their beautiful work speaks for itself. I also had them do lighting and a sound system for my backyard. I wouldn't hesitate to hire them for any future projects.

I have -- and will continue to -- recommend East Coast Contractors to anyone who is looking for quality work at a fair and reasonable price.


From Dave Baker:

Hello Mike,

I wanted to let you know that I finished the epoxy floor and we had Red do the concrete apron and this weekend began moving the boat and RV and other stuff into the new garage.  The project turned out awesome and we are really happy with it.  I still owe you a proper letter of recommendation, but wanted to let you know we really appreciated the professional approach to the project and taking care of all the little details that make the difference between an OK job and really good one.  Thanks to you and Gary and all the ECC team for making the project a reality.



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