If your home is damaged, you need it fixed quickly and correctly

Using this opportunity not only to restore, but to update at the same time is often far less costly than starting out a project from scratch. Working with you and your insurance company, we will meet all parties’ needs and complete a project that both pleases you, and increases the equity in your home. We also understand that damage to your home can be very traumatic, and we will work with you with gentleness and sensitivity.


Finding the right contractor before you start restoring is key. Don't just let your insurance company tell you who to use. While the insurance company can suggest a contractor, make sure that the contractor working on your home is the right contractor for you and not just whomever they pick. Do your research as, in all probability, you will only have restoration work done once. Talk to several contractors if you choose to, but be sure that East Coast Contractors is one of them!

While all licensed contractors can (presumably) properly renovate a home, a reconstruction contractor speaks the same language as the insurance adjuster. This kind of dialogue speeds up the process of getting payments approved, and may actually land you a better settlement in the end. Minimize your loss time and experience total peace of mind with our firm.

Termite Damage

Although termite damage may be reversed through professional repair, measures should always be taken first to ensure that the infestation has been fully exterminated and that the home is protected against future infestations. Taking these steps will prevent further costly repairs in the future.

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