Our Philosophy

Today's clients need to know and understand what they are truly paying for, and why

We are the only builder that exemplifies a unique kind of customer service. Customer Service is a forgotten component in today's business, with ECC it is our #1 goal and without it, there is no customers. Design Build process emphasizes customer service and transparency, of which the end result is a project timeline.

Customer Service

In today's tech savvy, gadget riddled internet society, there is no substitute for face to face, real-time customer services. It is what we do better than anyone else, day in and day out. "There are no traffic jams along the extra mile!"


Seeing is believing! In order to be transparent, you really have to be completely honest and open. How we run our company and how our employees live their lives. We are completely transparent. By virtue, there's nothing you cannot ask me and nothing I won't talk about. When you're transparent, it just makes doing business easier!!!


100% truth = 100% success.  ECC is a very successful and respectable company.

Some businesses keep information close to the vest, which can cultivate speculation and rumors, both from employees and customers. ECC's being forthright about all aspects of our business operation has numerous advantages. It positions us to quickly and efficiently respond to problems and controversy if it arises.  It also builds a mutual trust and respect with our clients and business associates.


Operating a transparent business demonstrates respect for employees and customers alike. Clients have the opportunity to see and understand how our business operates and the processes that are involved in all of your project operations. Customer service is paramount in our transparent business operations.