Design-Build is the state-of-the-art in structural development


ECC takes Design-Build fundamentals and makes them work in practice by coaching clients through the process and helping them understand the tools and advantages available in this method.

What is a Design-Build format?

The whole design and building team--including you--our clients, work together in unison. We all have the same objectives: to arrive at the completion of a project that exceeds your expectations. When challenges manifest on a project (and there are always challenges), everyone pitches in to find the solution. And there is always a solution! We want you to feel peace of mind that all the little details are being handled capably and as economically as possible, and when big issues come up, you will be consulted too. This is your project, and our job is to create it as smoothly and perfectly as possible. Your satisfaction is our only goal.

Why Is Design-Build a Better Home Remodeling Process?

There are many reasons why we think that our design-build home remodel process is better than the more traditional processes

Home Remodeling First Steps

When many homeowners first think about remodeling, especially with more complicated projects, they believe that their first step should be to contact an architect. The architect is then paid to draw up plans, and he/she attempts to put down on paper the ideas that the homeowner has conveyed. One problem with this approach is that most architects do not have a realistic idea of what it will cost to actually build the residential projects that they design. This is because architects are first and foremost creative designers; they are not necessarily good business people and/or nuts and bolts remodelers.

So the first time the homeowners find out if they can really afford to build their home additions or do remodeling projects is when the plans are “put out to bid.” Often, East Coast Contractors has been placed in the rather awkward position of having to tell excited homeowners that their remodeling plans will cost two to three times more to build then they expected. The execution of the architects’ plans may simply not be affordable for clients.

This problem can be so bad that one industry estimate is that only about 30% of the architectural designs that are drawn for residential and commercial remodeling projects are ever actually executed. This is not really the architects’ fault, as they are usually in the position of trying to match the needs and desires of their clients.

Bear in mind too that the bidding process traditionally takes place after the architect is paid his or her fee for the drawings. This means that the architect’s clients often have to pay 8% to 15% of the overall project cost for plans for projects that they ultimately cannot afford to build.


Home Additions and Remodels that Fit Your Budget

We at East Coast Contractors set a budget range with our clients before we even begin the design process. We try never to draw up plans that our clients cannot afford. We are builders, designers, and businessmen, so we are not interested in creating plans that can’t be built within the clients’ budgets.


Additional Design-Build Advantages

Another advantage of design-build is that it is all based on teamwork, with you as an integral element of the team. The designer/architect, client, businessman, builder, and you are all putting our heads together to achieve successful and satisfying results for you. Our goal is to execute projects that please you, are built on time and within budget, and provide peace of mind for you that the project is being completed according to your specifications and expectations. You should not need to hold our hands—but we will hold yours if the going ever gets a little rough.

East coast contractors’ specialties

Here at ECC, we specialize in the finest of remodels, renovations, and restorations. We help you to transform your dreams for your home into reality, and we do so with many years of experience in meticulous design and construction. Many high-end custom home builders refer their clients to us for remodels and restorations, because they are our specialties and may not be theirs—and because they know that we will perform for you, our clients, with vision, great design-sense, knowledge of exactly where to obtain the proper materials for the task at hand, and the highest levels of skill, honesty, and integrity.

Damage to your home can be a great trauma under any circumstances. We will gently support you through this difficult time by bringing our compassion and all of our skills to your restoration job. Rest assured that East Coast Contractors will be capable of restoring your home to its exact original condition, or using this “opportunity” to make small or major remodeling changes. Suppose that a tree has landed on the front of your house, and you have always yearned to have a large and gracious front porch. We will be able to take advantage of what seemed at first to be a liability to provide you with exactly what you have always dreamed of.

One great advantage of ECC is that if your home or office is in the Tucson or Scottsdale area, we will always know where to get the very best building materials at the most reasonable cost to you, as we have offices and vast experience in both locations. Whether you own a traditional expansive adobe, a mid-century home, a unique modern custom design, or are lucky enough to have scored a rare Victorian, we will match the building techniquesexactly. We know our business, literally from the ground up!

An Experienced Design-Build Contractor on Your Side

In our design-build process, East Coast Contractors is involved with the design process from the very beginning. This means that we work with our clients to set a budget and to present alternative designs and processes that will make it possible to build the project within that budget. Or we will explain honestly up front, before drawing and designing, that the intended results will cost more than our clients originally hoped.

These are only a few of the reasons why we think our design-build process is the best way to build. Call us, and we will be happy to discuss the details of your intended project.


  1. Identify your budget.
  2. Pick a general contractor you can work with and like.
  3. Talk with your partner if you have one--understand that you are going to agree to disagree!
  4. Insist on transparency--you want to what this cost and why.
  5. Build your dreams through the design-build process.


  1. Hire an architect first.
  2. Figure the budget out along the way.
  3. Go with the cheapest bid.
  4. Lose your temper.
  5. Assume it will be over quickly.

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