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Casa De Los Niños Bathroom Remodel: A Seamless Job

Jul 06, 2015

East Coast Contractors was hired to do a full remodel of a bathroom at Casa de Los Niños, a well-known and highly respected organization that offers safe shelter to abused and neglected children in Tucson, Arizona. We chatted with Maureen Johns, Director of Operations, and Juan Ortega, Facilities Manager, about their level of satisfaction with the job that ECC performed for them, and found that they had very positive recollections of their experience with us.

Jane commented at the beginning of our talk that before Casa de Los Ninos decided to use ECC for the job, they had some negative experiences with another contractor. He reportedly arrived on the scene with nothing in hand at all, did not ask any questions, did not even ask to see the bathroom that he would be working on, and had no original ideas of his own to offer. Sadly, this lack of interest—or even total apathy—on the part of a contractor towards his or her clients is fairly common in the industry.

What makes East Coast Contractors stand out from the crowd is that we are proactive. We begin by asking why you want to undertake a remodel project, and then we listen to your response. We find out what your likes and dislikes are, how the space is going to be used, any special needs you may have, what your desired outcome and expectations are--and then we begin to assess the project and throw our own ideas on the table for your consideration.

With Casa de Los Ninos, we asked about the day-to-day activities of the children and adults, the traffic patterns in the building, the volume of usage of the bathroom to be remodeled, what they would do when water needed to be shut off for a little while, and special considerations like the material used for the floor. The flooring material, for example, needed to be capable of sustaining a high level of traffic for a long time, and it needed to be easy to clean to make the maintenance staff’s job as easy as possible. Sometimes it makes sense to spend more on one feature, like flooring, in order to save money in other areas.

Jane, the Director of Casa de Los Ninos, commented, “Our minds were put at ease as soon as ECC stepped in to take over the job. I knew that when it was done, it would be done well. Mike started when he said he would, ended when he said he would, and came within budget—which is unheard of on a construction project! They also took all possible precautions with the bathroom being worked on so that we could still use the other bathroom.”

She went on to note that the builders hung plastic sheeting over the doorway of the bathroom in progress, to prevent dust and other debris from flying out the door and impacting the kids. “I did not have to do anything!” she stated happily. ECC did it all. Furthermore, she was very impressed with the level of cleanliness of the project, commenting that there were no piles of tools sitting around or other materials that might have been hazardous to the children. “It was a seamless job!” she concluded, and this experience led her to hire East Coast Contractors to do several remodels in her own home.

East Coast Contractors considers itself to be in a service and helping business. We want to provide the best full-spectrum service possible so that we will continue to grow our business, while also giving you, our clients, precisely what you need and want. We want the materials we use to last and remain beautiful as long as possible, and we want your level of satisfaction with our work to be as high as possible.

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