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The Full-Spectrum Design-Build Process

Jul 06, 2015

East Coast Contractors utilizes a fairly unique process for the designing and construction of its clients’ remodeling, renovation, and restoration projects. We call it the “Full-Spectrum Design-Build Process,” and have found that this process results in great customer (and builder) satisfaction--with ECC’s ability to work within the agreed-upon parameters of the budget, with the designing and building processes themselves, and with the final outcome of the project.

In the design-build format, there are five stages that must be completed (called Phase One) before building can commence (Phase Two).


  1. CUSTOMER INPUT: In this stage, we sit down with you, our new or returning client, and ask you why you want to implement this project. Surprisingly, you may not have thought about this question in any detail. We also begin to learn what you want, and what your likes and dislikes are. Often, you may have stronger opinions about your dislikes than about your likes. We really get to know you and your preferences in these meetings, and you also get to know and understand us and how we operate.
  2. BUDGETING: Then we move on to examining your budget and expectations for the outcome. This often becomes a discovery process for you, as labor and building materials can be way more expensive than you originally thought and hoped that they might be. We inform you, based on our vast experience, what you can get for the amount that you want to spend. You begin to reach a realistic figure and decide fairly precisely what you are willing to spend to get what you want.
  3. DESIGN SELECTION: During this stage, you visit local vendors to look at the affordable choices that are available to you. East Coast Contractors will have already contacted these vendors ahead of time, told them about you, your project, and your budget, and will have sent over a copy of the plans for the project. So no time will be wasted; you will be greeted by name, welcomed in, and shown only the options that fit within your budget. This is a kind of “a la carte” process in which you are closely involved in the selection of materials, appliances, lighting, etc.
  4. REACH AGREEMENT: In this stage, agreements are made about the design selections you have chosen, and what your final budget is going to be. Further cost evaluations may be made, as we focus intently on your allotted budget. If you are anxious to move forward with the project, a retainer may be requested from you at this time.
  5. CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS: These will be drawn up to finalize the instructions for and details of the project we are about to undertake for you, with your budget and desires always in the forefront of our minds. At the end of this process, you will know exactly what you will be getting, and how much it will all cost. Phase One is now complete. 


  1. BIDDING: If you choose to, you may now go to other contractors to get alternative bids for your project, although we will by then have already done this for you, and you will be free to peruse the bids of the other contractors we contacted for you. If you make the wise choice to go with East Coast Contractors, we will now finalize the agreement for the project.



So, as you can see, ours is a fairly elaborate, but also streamlined, totally transparent process that involves you in every choice and every step that we take in designing, and ultimately building, the home improvement of your newly realistic dreams.

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